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Chapter represents a dedicated volunteer team located in each cities.


Chapters Involved

Total number of people fed by us.


Pepoles Were Fed.

Total number of animals fed by us.


Animals fed by us

Ration Kit for families who cannot afford to buy raw materials for cooking (amounting Rs.1,000, which includes 10kg Rice, 5kg Wheat, 2kg Dal,1 litre Oil,1kg Sugar,1kg Salt and 250gm Masala Powders(2Packets).



Medical Kits contains some vitamin tablets, anti-biotic medicines and Kabasura Kudineer packets which acts as immunity boosters


Medical Kits Served

A litre of water bottle for everyone.


Bottles Served

Hygiene Kit (amounting Rs.500 which includes 100ml of Handwash, 4nos Soap, Towel, 2litres of Phenyl, 4 Masks, a packet of Sanitary napkins and 1kg of Detergent)


Hygeine Kits Served

Face Mask to protect from the spread of Corona.


Face Mask Served

Sanitizers to safe and reduce the spread of germs if soap and water aren’t available.


Sanitizers Served.

Detailed Data Chapter Meals served for pepole Meals served for animals Grocery Kits Hygeine Kits Medical Kits Water Bottle Masks Sanitizer
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Chapter Highlights

700kgs of Vegetables were distributed to downtrodden community people in chennai.

4000kg of Fruits were distributed to slum dwellers in chennai.

1200 packets of cake from Britannia were distributed to needy childrens in Erode.

Provided 40,000 Stainless steel plates to the roadside people and old agehomes for preventing plastic container consumption at Salem.

200 Bananas were distributed to needy roadies people in Madurai.

1,76,000 water bottles were distributed to needy people while meal distribution in Hyderabad.

Organized 2 Iftar Parties in Hyderabad for muslims.

150 Biscuit packets were distributed to Childrens in Hyderabad.

Amount of Rs.10,000/- were given to 10 low-income families in chennai.

65 Elder people were taken care in Hyderabad throughout this Covid-19 in Hyderabad.

1350 Hershey’s cookie packets were distributed to children homes and roadside kids in Trichy.