Food And Beverage ATM

Since 2014

F&B ATM is an innovative solution to feed the needy. It is a street walk fridge installed in restaurants in which the restaurant and nearby food shops can keep their excess foods. People who dine in will receive the F&B Coupons, they can provide the coupons for the needy people whom they spot on the road or their surroundings.

How FNB ATM operates?

Any willing person can donate to refill the ATM or they can “Share their Birthday/Wedding day or special days” with the needy by donating food/eatables to the ATM. The needy people can avail the stored excess food for the coupons.

Food and beverage atm locations

Chennai Chapter

How much does it cost?

The cost of the fridge varies with its size and configuration. The following are some models which are frequently adopted for the project,