No Food Waste(Logo)

“Hunger is not a problem. It is an obscenity. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

No Food Waste is an organisation which aims to redistribute excess food from weddings, parties, events to those who are hungry. 

The idea took root in Coimbatore, where we started with 2 Shopper Bags and a volunteer to collect the surplus food and deliver to the homeless through Public Transportation System from October 16th, 2014. We took an oath on that day to stop food waste and satisfy the hunger of many, in a quest to make the “World Hunger Free.”

We have picked and distributed food 96% times, provided food to a million hungry people, saved nearly  321 tonnes of food, which amounts to nearly Rs 4.87 crores. 

No Food Waste works alongside Governments, Corporates with Social Responsibility on their minds, other partners and Volunteers to create a local chapter of excess food collection institution, which will be spread across various cities, addressing the two major challenges – namely urban and environmental, following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We aim to bring benefits across the spectrum of society and help provide access to food to those who don’t have adequate means to access it.


To bring a social change in every individual in-order to reduce food waste and to make the World Hunger Free.


To feed the needy and hungry with untouchable edible surplus food.
Audit Methods
To sensitize people about the amount of food being wasted through standardized food waste auditing methods.
Alternative Solution
To provide alternative solutions for spoiled or wasted food ensuring that too not reaches the landfills, dumpsites or dustbins.
To raise awareness about food loss and food waste amongst citizens and bring about behavioral change in them to prevent food waste at home, school or at workplace through guidance and sharing of good practices
Food Solution
To raise awareness among Food businesses by encouraging them to adopt good practices to reduce food loss and food waste in their supply chains and sharing good practices

In an aim to bolster our spirit, we have been awarded many times by various agencies. Some of the awards include- 

  • Swachh Bharat Award 2017 for “Best Innovative Practices”
  • Outstanding Youth Award 2017 – State Govt. of Tamilnadu
  • The International Visionary Award 2015

Amongst many others, but the true accolade was preventing food waste and seeing the smiles of pleasure.

Food Safety

  • Surplus food is picked up from the food donor and packed in clean and covered containers.
  • Surplus food is stored and transported in appropriate hygienic condition at appropriate optimum temperature suitable for perishable and non-perishable food separately.
  • Transporting vehicle is cleaned on a regular basis and not for purposes other than delivering food.
  • Surplus food is distributed or served to the needy before the expiry of surplus food.
  • Spoiled food is avoided at any case and preferable diverted to alternative solutions such as composting, bio-gas plants ensuring that it also doesn’t reaches dustbin or landfills.
  • Food is always stored off the floor and away from walls and non-food items. Storage area, including the floor, pallets and shelves are cleaned regularly.
  • Doors, windows and roofs of storage area are well sealed to prevent pest entry and a pest control program is organized at regular intervals.
  • Our staffs and volunteers are oriented with personal hygiene and sanitation practices for maintaining hygiene standards in food handling.
  • We are maintaining a standard documentation process in which we record details of surplus food viz. details of donor, hunger spots, donation date, food item, food quantity, date of distribution.