Feed People. Not Landfills.

India’s non-profit excess food recovery organisation

Wish to donate untouched food? Call us on 90877 90877.

How we work

We aim to redistribute surplus food to those who are in need of it. If you have excess food from an event, party, wedding etc, please call our helpline, our volunteers will collect the excess food from you and distribute it among people who need it.  The excess food will be checked for quality because lack of proper refrigeration and storage tend to spoil food.

Call us

A donor gets in touch with us at our helpline

Quality Check

A team is dispatched to check quality of excess food


We locate the most feasible hunger spot


Excess food is redistributed with love


No Food Waste has helped redistribute and fill nearly 1 million plates of joyful food. Everyday the excess food collected is used to feed an average of 1400 people, across 10 cities in South India, who lack food.
If you look at it in terms of figures, nearly Rs 8 crore worth of food loss has been prevented


of the donors wishes were fulfilled


plates of food collected and distributed


of revenue being saved till date


“Alone we do little, together we accomplish a great deed”

Our prevent food wastage partners, who help us feed the hungry